Prof. Mesut Hakkı Caşın

Presidential Security and Foreign Policies Council Member


Prof. CAŞIN obtained his associate degree by his book, "Russian Imperial Strategy" in 2002, and in 2008, by his book "International Terrorism", he was entitled to full professorship. He has served on the editorial board of the Perception, Geopolitics, and MSI magazines and he has many articles related to foreign policy published in various magazines and newspapers in Turkey. He has also many books and articles about Russia, Black Sea, European Union, International Terrorism, Turkish Straits, energy security, disarmament, NATO, international security strategies, war history. Some of these books are; "European Union Defense and Foreign Policy", "Russian Imperial Strategy", "International Terrorism" and "Political and Economic Foundations of European Union", "Modern International Law" and "II. World War History."


Professor CAŞIN was born in 1956, in Izmir. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in İzmir. He continued his academic education at the University of Istanbul Law Faculty (B.A., 1983), Gazi University Public Law (M.A., 1986), Texas Constitutional Law at San Antonio College and received his Ph.D. degree on the subject of "International Security Strategies and Disarmament" at Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Sciences. In addition to the Vice Presidency of the Strategic Research Center at Yeditepe University, he was admitted to the International Law and Space Law Department of American Bar Association. Professor CAŞIN has served in different bases of the Turkish Air Force. In 1988, he was trained on the USAF F-16 Fighter Plane project. In 1999, he was retired from his task as a Research Officer at Plans and Policy Directorate of International Treaties of Turkey's General Staff. He held various positions in different institutions functioning in the realm of the aerospace and defense industry. Prof. CAŞIN currently serves as a member of the Presidential Security and Foreign Policies Council of Turkey.