Objectives and Scope




Following the success of RAST2003 Conference and in line with the expressed desire of many of its participants, it was decided to make RAST a biennial event. Hence RAST2005 will be held in Istanbul, on 09 to 11 June 2005. It is the wish of the organizers to make RAST one of the premier events outside of North America, in space technology developments especially those on the way to near future deployment. In general RAST will be open to all areas of space, but each RAST will have a different theme. RAST2005 will carry the theme: SPACE IN THE SERVICE OF SOCIETY.

The first space missions were primarily motivated by military and scientific objectives. But soon afterwards the utility of space became apparent, with developments and applications following soon in communications and Earth observation. Global positioning seems to be the latest area of active space utility development.  Launching and space propulsion, as a necessary component of any space mission, have always remained at the forefront of general space endeavors. The vision and mission statements of all major national and international space agencies point out that space activities are supported because of major economic and social benefits expected in the long run if not in the near future. In other words they stress the role of space in the service of society.


The planned conference has the main objective of providing a forum for the presentation and review of recent developments in space technologies, and for new forthcoming applications especially emphasizing direct benefits to the economy and society. The coverage of the conference should be attractive for engineers, academicians, space company managers, businessmen, educators, students and government officials including those of space agencies, especially from those organizations with space faring aspirations. Techniques, technologies and projects in Earth observation, navigation, communication and propulsion are welcome as listed more specifically below.


The scope of the conference emphasizes service to society. Specific presentation topics may fall under, but not be limited to the following topics: